The Workshop/ Jewellery Gallery 

View the extensive jewellery gallery of unique commissions and bespoke family treasures. All the jewellery is made in-house to order, you are dealing directly with the craftsperson that hand makes the jewellery for you.


As you can see the jewellery spans all style eras, from antique and traditional through to contemporary and modern, with all manner of beautiful coloured stones and pearls. The exquisite diamonds are sourced from reputable merchants and are conflict free.  the precious metal in your choice is hand forged and hand fabricated. You can see many handmade gorgeous items of jewellery, rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets, bridal jewellery, mens’ jewellery, cufflinks and brooches. I have also included a hand gallery, you might see yourself wearing your jewellery. I have additionally made a video, showing all the steps involved in how a mens' wedding ring was made recently, enjoy! 

All these items of jewellery can be inspiration for a custom made piece for yourself.

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