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Sarah Kellett          

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As a child I spent many hours experimenting in the workshop, helping dad make component parts for jewellery. I have been working at the bench some 25 years and in that time I have completed my apprenticeship, Certificate Three in Jewellery Manufacture and I am also a fellow of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, member number 147.


My biggest mentor was my father Graeme Kellett, I have learnt everything from and through him.


Before deciding to become a professional jeweller I studied textiles, completing an Advanced Certificate in Studio Textiles, then embarking on a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts, at Melbourne University, where I concentrated on the artistic disciplines of printmaking and metalwork. I have taught at N.M.I.T. in the Jewellery Department, in both short courses and as a sessional teacher.


Working alongside my father I have learnt the true traditional skills of the jewellery trade. I am continually inspired by a workshop filled with an accumulation of different patterns, collected samples and stones. I also find the other creative crafts I have studied influence me daily. When making original pieces of jewellery I enjoy being able to mix styles, vintage and contemporary, making something I feel is timeless. It is the hands on artistry and intricate nature of making miniature wearable sculpture that drew me to this particular medium of metal and stones.

It is a rare privilege to know someone will proudly wear what has been created and possibly passed down to future generations of their family.

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